Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Heroes Goes to the Refrigerator

Holy crap, a post that isn't about anime!

I've been really into this show Heroes on TV. It's got a cool premise, a good cast, and good acting. However, I'm getting seriously worried about the way it's handling its female characters.

I'm only a feminist in the most casual sense, but I've still got warning bells going off in my head. In the first three or four episodes, the cast's two female characters were both sexually assaulted, and in last night's ep, a woman was introduced and then killed off solely to provide one of the male characters with an impetus to use his powers (hello, Alex DeWitt!). One of the original female characters has been turned into a damsel in distress (I hate that "save the cheerleader" tagline), and in this episode only served as a motivator for her father's actions.

I'm not very erudite when it comes to political topics, which is why my weblog is pop-culture only, so I'll let other people go into more detail about the general wrongness of it all. I dunno... it had just been bugging me since the third ep, and I wanted it off my chest.

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