Sunday, January 18, 2009

When Cosplay Goes Right

Cosplay - dressing up as fictional characters, usually at fan conventions - is not something I'm into. I don't engage in it because of the negative associations that most people hold toward the hobby, because I just don't have the body type to pull off most characters, and because I just hate being in front of a crowd. That said, I recognize that while most cosplay is crap, some of it is actually pretty good. There's bad cosplay, and then there's good cosplay.

And then there's pikminlink.


Without a doubt the best cosplayer I've ever seen, pikminlink brings Link from The Legend of Zelda to life. Thanks to the intricate detail of the costume (which must have cost a small fortune to make), you can really believe that everyone's favorite elf-boy has stepped out of Hyrule and into reality. It's not just a costume, it's art.

And guess what? She's a girl.

Check out her deviantART gallery for her in several variations on Link's costume and as several other characters, plus some original art.


dokebi said...

Yea, you really can't see the difference b/w male & female anime characters. That was pretty well done. I don't usually like cosplays b/c they're terrible & often done by ugly ppl

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yep, you're right, this is a perfect example when cosplay goes right, in the past I saw some pictures of others cosplays, I wish I never have seen this pictures.