Saturday, September 22, 2007

Getting Fed Up with Scans Daily

Christ, these people just live to bitch.

"Oh boo hoo! Plastic Man's in a story with drama! Dan Didio wants to rape my childhood!"

And they still won't shut up about fucking Blue Beetle getting killed two and a half fucking years ago. ARGH!!!

Seriously. Pisses me the hell off.

EDIT, 12/08/07: For those of you coming here from Google (I don't know how I got to be on the first page of results for "scans daily"), let it be known that this was written in a fit of pique during a bout of depression. I'm over it. Please don't take it all serious-like.


TLee said...

We still bitch cause they haven't fixed it yet.

Will "Filby" Staples said...

*shrug* Don't mind me, it'd just been a rough week.

It's just annoying that so many people there seem to genuinely believe that Dan Didio is consciously trying to make people unhappy (as opposed to just being a shitty businessman).

Anonymous said...

Dan Didio IS consciously trying to make people unhappy, which is part of why he's a shitty businessman. It's not ALL him, no, and he doesn't do it all the time either, he knows enough to spread out the things that piss people off. But he does deliberately do things to piss people off, and he encourages people to depict him as a villain, all to drum up interest.

I'm going to quote Bill Willingham here: "Though we generally hope readers will like our stories, hating them is almost as good. Hating them so much that yours is the one book everyone is talking about now -- well that's golden."