Thursday, January 03, 2008

I feel speshul.

For the first time just now I played against someone I don't know on Magic Workstation and totally kicked their butt with a deck I just threw together like two minutes before that.

Lovisa Coldeyes and Phantom Warrior are a match made in heaven. I never would have thought of a red/blue warrior deck:

Warrior's Guile
(Type 2 deck, 60 cards, under construction, no sideboard as yet)

Island x8
Mountain x8
Shivan Reef x4

Amoeboid Changeling x4
Axegrinder Giant x1
Boggart Sprite-Chaser x2
Boldwyr Intimidator x2
Goblin Furrier x3
Lovisa Coldeyes x4
Phantom Warrior x4
Sage of Epityr x4
Shapesharer x1
Turtleshell Changeling x1

Ego Erasure x2
Ovinize x3
Remove Soul x4
Unsummon x3
Wings of Velis Vel x3

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