Sunday, August 03, 2008

Filby at the Movies

I just saw The Dark Knight.

Without giving out any spoilers, I will say:

  • The movie was FUCKING AMAZING
  • Heath Ledger is the most amazing Joker ever (except for Mark Hamill).
  • When I saw what happened to Harvey Dent, I literally jumped.
  • The nachos grande from the concession stand were great.
  • The Scarecrow wasn't as scary this time around.
  • Did I mention the movie was FUCKING AMAZING

(Gawd, I love the unordered list HTML tag...)

In the end, it was even better than Batman Begins. Blows everything else out of the water. GO SEE IT NOW

Going off on a tangent, I saw a lot of posters for animated movies at the theater, and it got me thinking about super-heroes. I'm not very fond of CGI animation, but you know what would look great in the medium? A Shazam! movie in CGI.

I'm thinking....

  • Patrick Warburton as Captain Marvel.
  • Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson as Black Adam. (Can you smell what Black Adam is cooking?!! I think it's couscous...)
  • Wallace Shawn (or maybe Armin Shimmerman) as Doctor Sivana.
  • Sir Ian McKellan as the Old Wizard (though I'm not sure if I'd want to typecast him like that).
  • The actress who played Darla Dimple in Cats Don't Dance as Mary Marvel.
  • Charles Durning as Uncle Dudley.

I'm drawing a blank on Cap Junior and Talky Tawny, but something might come to me eventually.


DJ Black Adam said...

The Rock as Black Adam DEFINATELY!

I just hope they make BA an anti-hero not so much a evil villian...

Swinebread said...

Sound like Dark Knight was really good but was it FUCKING AMAZING?


The Rock is too big to be Black Adam imo... plus I would keep thinking Scorpion King...

Anonymous said...

The Dark Knight was so good, it was fucking amazing.

Love the idea of the casting you did for an animated Shazam. I especially think it would be cool if they could match either the Jeff Smith or Mike Kunkel versions.

Will Staples said...

I'd actually like to see a mix of the two versions, with Smith's sense of wonder plus Kunkel's punchy humor.

And as the DJ says, I'd like Black Adam as an anti-hero like in the mainstream comics. Though maybe they could start him off like a mustache-twirling Golden Age villain and then have him develop into a more complex character by the end of the movie.