Friday, February 23, 2007


I can't come up with clever post titles before 10 AM.

I really wish that Dragon Magazine would stop putting scantily-clad women on their covers. I don't like feeling like some kind of perv when I step up to the checkout counter at Barnes & Noble. Not that I don't like scantily-clad women (as long as it's not exploitative), but the cover of an all-ages gaming magazine just ain't the place for it.

Regarding the same cover, it also kinda bothers me that female archfiends in D&D are almost always portrayed as seductresses. (Well, except for Zuggtmoy, she's an exception.) Why can't they come in the same variety of types as the males? Actually, in my write-up of Astarte, I deliberately had her motivation and methods have nothing to do with her sex, as a reaction to this "female archfiend syndrome."

It's weird, too, 'cause gender equality is such a vital part of D&D. You'd think that they could at least balance it out once in a while with some scantily-clad men. Not that that would make me feel any less awkward, but at least it would be fair.

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