Sunday, May 27, 2007

Pirates of the Carribean at World's End

Disjointed thoughts on the pirate movie. I went to see th' film wit' me sisters and one o' their boyfriends (a scurvy lout if e'er there be one), and below be me impressions. Read on, if ye be pirate enough!

I thought it was pretty good. The big naval battle was amazing (tho' lacking in logic -- where does the Black Pearl's crew keep coming from when they're getting killed by the scores, and where was the rest of the pirate fleet?), the cinematography blew my mind, and at no point did the special effects look "fake" and take me out of the movie. Elizabeth's speech was AMAZING. I got all misty.

I really didn't like Sao Feng... he was just this side of Fu Manchu on the "stereotypically scary Asian guy" scale, the scene where he tried to force himself on Elizabeth was pointless, and he was in the movie for no reason other than to make Elizabeth captain upon his passing. He did come off as a human being, tho', which is more than I can say for Manchu. The character wasn't as overtly racist as the Caribs in the last movie. And the rest of the Asian pirates, including Mistress Ching, didn't come off as any different from the rest of the pirates. All in all, tho', a waste of a good actor.

I've heard some people complain about all the people switching sides all the time. All the betrayals didn't bother me. Just about everyone was one degree of Chaotic Neutral or another, so it's to be expected. The only problem was in remembering who was betraying who at any given time.

Norrington's subplot could have used a bit more... more. That would have made the movie all the longer, tho', and with my knee bent uncomfortably to fit in the annoyingly narrow aisles and a large cup of Dr. Pepper in me bladder, I don't think I could have taken it.

I was pleased with the Davy Jones/Calypso subplot. Jones remained appropriately badass throughout the film.

Barbossa was nerfed, tho'.

I was happy with how things turned out with Elizabeth, Will, and Jack. The lovers' ending was suitably sweet and sad for me, and it's good to know Cap'n Jack's still out there chasing his dreams.

The final scene was kinda flat, tho', especially after the rip-roarin' cliffhanger (I jumped outta me sofa when Barbossa reappeared, I tells ye) at the end of the last.

Flawed to be sure, but the Pirates trilogy is now firmly ensconced in my list of favorite fantasy films. All in all, not a waste of six bucks.

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