Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Moral Outcry and a Short History Lesson

A tip-o'-the-hat to Thom Wade.

This is pretty damn creepy.

You know why you see this garbage in manga? It's because Japan's post-war constitution, which was drafted by the occupying American forces, was poorly worded in that it prohibited the depiction of pubic hair in any publication -- but said nothing about underage children. It wasn't long before some jackasses realized they could get around the anti-porn laws by depicting prepubescent girls. By the time the laws were revised, it was too late: Lolicon had entered the public consciousness and had staying power in self-published underground comics, which makes up the bulk of manga sales among otaku.

So there you go: Lolicon is Douglas MacArthur's fault.


Filby said...

After reading a little about it here, apparently it's not actual pornography -- it seems to be a somewhat more profane Are You There God? It's Me, Margaret, and is written by a woman, albeit for a college-age male audience. While I personally find it distasteful (even if it's not actually lolicon, it's still informed by it) and would never purchase the comic, I'm not so sure that it deserves to be censored and shot down like this, since it's written by and for consenting adults and doesn't actually involve any sex, just loads of innuendo. Tom Foss makes some good points in the Newsarama thread.

Filby said...

Aaaaand, after reading some more about it, it's not actually been censored, just the publisher realized the shitstorm it would unleash if they published it and canceled it accordingly. And it apparently gets really pretty obscene after the first volume. So maybe it's for the best. I don't know, I didn't want to read it in the first place. And of course the fact that it's by a woman doesn't change anything; I don't know what I was thinking.


I need to come up with a new topic.

Ami Angelwings said...

Is that rly how lolicon came about in Japan? :O

That actually makes a lot of sense!

Esp about those silly bars that "censor" nothing on hentai XD

Is that also why pubic hair is also such a fetish in Japanese porn? :O

Filby said...

Hey, Ami. :) Thanks for stopping by!

Yeah, that's how I understand it, according to a book I read recently. A lot of Japan's modern idiosyncrasies seem to be a result of being almost completely Westernized in a period of only 15 years or so. I think the whole country is suffering from a kind of cultural whiplash.

And yep, that's where the tiny black bars come from, too. They weren't allowed to depict orifices, but the rest of the genitalia? A-OK.

I can't really comment on pubic hairs... what Japanese porn I've observed has been relatively tame (I don't seek it out, and deliberately avoid the hard stuff), so if it's a common fetish, I haven't noticed it.