Thursday, July 12, 2007

Comics Thoughts

I've been to both comics stores in my town and I can't find The All-New Atom #13.

I... I just need a moment.


I... okay. I'm... I'm centered. Moving on.

I did get a copy of Justice League of America #10 against my better judgement. It... wasn't horrible, but dammned if it couldn't have stood a crapload of improvement. It's intensely annoying how the characters seem to stammer whenever they speak. Putting ten ellipses on every page does not make dialog sound natural. The way he has characters say the exact thing at the exact time hundreds of miles apart is really vexing, and with all the color-coded internal monologue boxes flying around I have trouble remembering who's saying what.

The problem is that Brad Meltzer is altogether too lax about continuity and characterization. Since when is Wildfire the Red Tornado's future self, or was he just saying that to disorient Reddy? And what really made me mad was how Mister Terrific said they should just let the Legionaires kill themselves, like it's not a big problem. News flash: Being an atheist or scientist does not mean you have no respect for the sanctity of life! *waps Meltzer with a newspaper* Bad Meltzer! Baaaaad theist! No cookie!

I'm ashamed to have that hideous Michael Turner cover in my collection, too, for all the reasons everyone else across the comics blogosphere have already covered in depth. I don't have as much problem with Ed Benes's art -- I mean, I like my super-heroes, male and female, to have larger-than-life proportions and lots of sex appeal (which is why Power Girl/Citizen Steel as drawn by Dale Eaglesham is now my OTP) -- but they all have the same builds and same faces, and the cheesecakey poses he puts them in annoyed me a great deal after a while. I shouldn't have bought it, but dammit, I hate having a hole in a storyline in my collection like... like... the Atom...

*emo tear*

Why must bad things happen to good geeks? Why, Gail? WHY?!

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