Saturday, July 28, 2007

I just had a revelation.

Judd Winick and Bill Willingham are the same person.

Think about it. They both drove Batman into the ground. They both insert hamfisted politcal allegory into everything they write. They both have deplorable track records writing women. They both write long-standing characters out-of-character to suit whatever agenda they're pushing. The only difference is that one's an obnoxious conservative and the other's an obnoxious liberal.

How can this be? Easy. Alternate Earths. I'm hoping Final Crisis will sort this all out. And maybe erase them both from continuity.

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Will Staples said...

You know who else are the same person? Alan Moore and Grant Morrison.

Think about it. They're both eccentric magicians from Great Britain. They both write wonderfully insane stories using boring old characters. They both arrived on the American comics scene at about the same time (Crisis on Infinite Earths!). The only difference? One is very very hairy and the other is very very bald.

It's all alternate universes, maaaaan, I'm tellin' you...