Thursday, April 03, 2008

MTG Preview Season!

Okay, time for a fanboy moment.

I love it when preview season rolls around for Magic: The Gathering and I get to check out all the new, weird, and wonderful cards I have to look forward to. Like this sweetie from the upcoming Shadowmoor set...

I am all over this. Not only is that some incredible art by the talented Mark Zug, but she could fit my white kithkin weenie deck like a glove. 80% of the creatures in it are 1/1 to begin with so it's no huge loss, and when all my opponent's creatures are 1/1 as well, all the better! Plus she only makes them 1/1 at their base, so I can still pump my kithkin up with my Wizened Cenns and Burrenton Bombardiers. Sweet. :)

I also really love the hybrid mana mechanic. It simultaneously encourages mono-color and multicolor deckbuilding. I can put cards like her in a blue/white, mono-white, or mono-blue deck and not have to worry whether I have enough Plains or Islands to get her out, or I can put her in, say, a white/red deck and not have to waste space on any Islands.

And really, "Godhead of Awe." That is a seriously kickass name.

I am ready to explore Shadowmoor right now! So bring it on, Wizards!


aesmael said...

I never played seriously or at all for years, but your enthusiasm is tempting.

Will "Filby" Staples said...

Heh ;)