Saturday, April 26, 2008

Worlds Collide

Normally I wouldn't post about this because I'm not sure what level of reference my friends have about these issues, but since Ragnell the Foul has written at length about it (go read it) I think I can safely assume that it's known to the comics blogosphere at large now.

So apparently some guy who calls himself The Ferrett cooked up a scheme to grope women at conventions by offering "yes, you may grope me" buttons at the front door.


That's creepy.

Apparently some women don't mind that (at least going by the comments on his post), but it seems to me that most of the women who would submit to that kind of bizarre crap would be doing it because they're too insecure to say no or think that pleasing these creeps would get their respect or something. But the real thing that kills it for me is that there would be a lot of teenage fans at these conventions as well, and this kind of shit just isn't appropriate for what should be a family-friendly event.

And really. "The Open-Source Boob Project?" Like someone on the Penny Arcade forums said, why does everything nerds do have to reference something else nerds do?

Anyway, once again, this is not something I'd normally write about if not for the fact that I'm already acquainted with The Ferrett by way of his column on In fact I first read about this story at the MTG Salvation forums, so when it appeared on Ragnell's blog I had a strange "worlds collide" moment. The thread on the subject is mostly full of annoying nerds making excuses, saying how they "don't see the problem with it" and bemoaning the evil feminists who are trying to spoil their fun, but there was one post I really liked:

I'm surprised so many people here are supporting this. Even if you're not supportive, not being directly opposed to it is pretty shocking to me. I've researched into it a bit, and the response from the general public, online and off, is so strongly negative that it's not even funny.

The only people okay with this seem to be guys into the hobbies that would be at these conventions. Once more I am reminded of the social retardation of the Magic fanbase, and sigh at having to game with them.

Seriously, nobody thinks this is anything but creepy except for *gasp* other creepy nerds.

...which pretty nicely sums up my reaction as well. I don't like being associated with a community that thinks this is okay, just like I hate calling myself a Democrat when a plurality of Democrats are against gay marriage. The Ferrett and his ilk are the people that make me ashamed of calling myself a nerd or a geek.

I do wonder if Wizards of the Coast will see fit to terminate The Ferrett as a columnist. This is a bit like the Don Imus incident from last year, which I think was justified (he seriously pissed off a large number of potential consumers, which is just bad for business), but Imus aired his crap on the job while The Ferrett did it on his personal journal. So I could see it going either way.

All I can say is that I wouldn't miss him, since his writing style annoyed me anyway.

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