Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Comic Complaints

Gail Simone leaves All-New Atom and gets replaced by some guy no one's heard of. It gets canceled.

John Rogers leaves Blue Beetle and gets replaced by the guy responsible for the pile of excrement that is Amazons Attack. Fans fear it may get canceled.

Greg Rucka leaves Checkmate and gets replaced by Bruce Jones. I wish it had been canceled instead of suffering the indignity.

Well, at least Green Lantern and Justice Society of America are still in good hands...


Anonymous said...

You know...I have not found many people who speak fondly of Jones' run on anything. How does he continue to get work? I have never read his run on anything, so I am not expressing a personal dislike...it just seems people who do read his stuff rarely express an emotion other than "loahed it". Has he had some fantastic runs on stuff that cause people to ignore the complaints?

Will Staples said...

I've heard that his work in the '80s was generally of higher quality than his work today, and the reception to his run on The Hulk seems to be split between "loved it" and "hated it." But recently? His Nightwing and Warlord are best left forgotten.