Friday, May 30, 2008

Final Crisis #1 (SPOILERS)

I got it yesterday... and I have a few questions.

Why is everyone talking about the New Gods like they're these mythical beings that no one's ever seen before? Most of the Justice League are personal friends with Orion, Scott, and Barda.

Why is "the First Boy" a pasty white kid? Shouldn't the first Homo sapiens be African? Continuity, I know, but Anthro is a product of a less enlightened time...

Is that black-haired caveman supposed to be Vandar Adg, aka Vandal Savage?

Why is John Stewart acting like he has a secret identity? His ID is public knowledge.

Why are the Guardians shutting off Earth to investigate the deicide only now? Lightray died on Earth over a year ago. Did they just not get the memo?

Why is Empress white?

Empress, Sparx, and Mas y Menos are only beat up, right? Not killed? There's nothing to indicate they're dead so I'll assume not.

Why did J'onn have to die like such a chump? I don't mind characters getting killed off, but it does upset me when they go out so easily. Of course, this could easily be a feint and he's not really dead.

And most importantly... why does Darkseid look like Al Roker?

All in all, it doesn't look like it's going to be a bad story, but the characterization and continuity is way off. I'm afraid the whole thing is just going to be one big cerebral wank on Morrison's part, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Unfortunately, it just hasn't grabbed me with the first issue like Infinite Crisis #1 did.

I will say that the art by J. G. Jones is beautiful, though.

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