Wednesday, November 12, 2008

13 Posts: Finale

And here we are at the end of the road. Let's finish this off with some good, clean fun, shall we? Here's Bobby "Boris" Pickens hamming it up with his novelty smash hit, "The Monster Mash", to some charmingly bad '70s animation:

This isn't something I'll do again, I don't think. It got to the point where coming up with something to post, often only a few minutes to midnight, felt like a chore, and I want to keep my blogging fun. In spite of that, though, it was a good exercise in stretching my writing muscles, and I found a few gems along the way that I previously hadn't known about. All in all, it was definitely not a loss.

I don't know if anyone has been following along, but if you have, thanks. :) I hope I wasn't too boring. ;)



DJ Black Adam said...

Dang Will, I enjoyed your commentary I do hope you stay in touch and come by my blog from time to time, I always enjoy your comments as they are thought provoking.

Good blessings in all you do!

Will Staples said...

Thanks man! It's nice to know someone got something out of my little project. ;D

And don't worry, I read your blog every day. You don't be a stranger on my blog either, y'hear? Oh, and feel free to visit me on my LiveJournal now and then, too.