Thursday, October 11, 2007

Happy Birthday to Me

Well, I hit the big (?) Two-Three today. Another year older and nothing to show for it: Still unemployed, still living with my parents. Such a stereotypical nerd. *shrug* At least I'm doing well in college.

To celebrate I bought myself Captain Carrot and the Final Ark #1. And it was awesome. Go Zoo Crew!!!


Roger Green said...

well happy bday. but what Do you listen to, hater of beatles music?

Will Staples said...

I don't hate the Beatles. I think their music is okay, and I think all four are or were excellent, admirable people. Their music just never grabbed me, that's all.

What do I like? Instrumentals, mostly. Joe Hisaishi, maybe John Williams. I know it's totally silly and superficial but I've got a weakness for '80s pop and light rock as well, especially Cyndi Lauper. If I had to choose a musician whose work most consistently impresses me I'd say Yoko Kanno.

I'm just not that into music. I'm more of a visual arts person.

DJ Black Adam said...

Happy Be-Latted B-day!!

Will Staples said...

Thanks man! :D