Saturday, October 13, 2007

In Defense of Rob Liefeld

I know I'm opening myself up to a lot of scorn here, but... I don't hate Rob Liefeld.

Now don't get me wrong! The stuff he draws is absolutely hideous. It pains me to so much as look at it. I never, ever want to own a single comic with his... "art"... in it.

And yet... and yet he's just so earnest and enthusiastic about what he does. "This guy's a big tough guy! I'm-a give him big muscles! Grrrrr!!! Ooh -- can't forget the cross-hatching!" And unlike some other hack artists (*coughgreglandcough*), he's actually fostered his own distinct style, no matter how awful it may be. And from what I've heard he's actually a very nice, pleasant guy.

I guess what I'm saying is that Rob Liefeld is the artistic equivalent of Florence Foster Jenkins. The man's a hack, but he's the best hack he can be.


DJ Black Adam said...

Well, I am one of the few people that LIKED "Supreme", I truly enjoyed the first 10 issues or so, and didn't really care fro Alan Moore's version (I know thats blashpamy, but hey..)

zhinxy said...

I agree!

It's INCREDIBLY hard to draw badly in JUST THE WAY that Liefeld does! I'm laughing my ass off at him, but I really do feel affection for the guy!

He co-created Deadpool, for Heaven's sakes! How can I hate the man? ;)