Friday, November 30, 2007

Christmas with the Kents

December starts in about 25 minutes, so to start getting into the mood for the impending Christmas season (which I observe secularly despite being an atheist; I'm sorry if I offend), here's one of my favorite scenes from Justice League, from the episode "Comfort and Joy."

Enjoy, and happy holidays.


Ami Angelwings said...

I always wished that we could see what Wonder Woman and Batman were doing. XD I know they didn't show up b/c neither would care at all that it was Christmas, but it'd be fun if they at least talked about it. XD

Or kissed under the miseltoe XDDDDD I'm such a WW/BM shipper for the JL cartoon. XD

Will "Filby" Staples said...

I'm a little more orthodox vis a vis shipping -- I prefer Diana/Steve Trevor and Bruce/Selina (...or Bruce/Dick...) -- but they were pretty cute together on the show.

As for what Batman does for the holidays... watch this space...