Friday, November 30, 2007


It occurred to me just now that Watchmen, Kingdom Come, and DC: The New Frontier form a neat trilogy or circle on the development of the super-hero over the last three decades, from deconstruction to reconstruction to new wholeness.

Am I all wet or am I on to something?


zhinxy said...

hope you're on to something. If not, give me some of whatever you're on? ;)

Ami Angelwings said...


That's true! ^^

What about the Identity Crisis/Infinite Crisis/Final Crisis cycle? XDDDD

What do they represent? :O

Will "Filby" Staples said...

Dan Didio's midlife crisis?

Crisis on Dan Didio's Midlife!!!

Seriously, I think they're the same thing in microcosm. Identity Crisis (which I thought was a basically good story marred by base sexism) threw the heroes off their pedestal and Infinite Crisis (which I'm probably alone in that I really enjoyed it) had them work their way back up.

Final Crisis (which I'm looking forward to mainly 'cause Grant Morrison's name is on it) could go off in a completely different direction, though; too soon to tell.

Ami Angelwings said...

You're not alone! I luffed Infinite Crisis :D

I didn't rly like Identity Crisis tho. I thought the story was there, but Meltzer didn't understand the chars and there was a lot of writer's fiat going on, esp with Deathstroke >_>