Thursday, November 08, 2007

The More You Know, Eh?

Important facts I have learned about Canada from the Arrogant Worms and Three Dead Trolls in a Baggie:

  • Canada's really big.
  • Seriously, you can put like fourteen Frances into Canada.
  • Canadian mountains are very pointy.
  • Canadian prairies are not.
  • The rest of Canada is kinda bumpy.
  • Canada has a lot of rocks and trees.
  • And water.
  • Members of the Royal Candian Mounted Police don't technically have to be awake to do their job.
  • The White House burned, burned, burned, and Canada's the one who did it.
  • If you're going to be a pirate, Regina's the place to do it.
  • Toronto sucks.
  • Thunder Bay sucks.
  • Ottawa sucks.
  • Alan Thicke sucks.
  • ...okay, everything in Ontario sucks.
  • (Except Ami.)
  • Newfoundland sucks.
  • Prince Edward Island sucks.
  • Nova Scotia sucks.
  • New Brunswick sucks.
  • Quebec sucks.
  • Ontario sucks.
  • Manitoba sucks.
  • Saskatchewan sucks.
  • Each of the territories sucks.
  • British Columbia sucks.
  • Seriously, Ontario really sucks.
  • Alberta doesn't suck.
  • ...but Calgary does.

And now you know, too!


Ami Angelwings said...





At least I'm the exception :]

Toronto CANNOT suck tho! I'm in it :(

Will "Filby" Staples said...

Hey, not my words! ;)